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Lost Pets
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Name Pet Type Gender Date Lost Location Breed Color
Abby Dog Female 2/12/2017 Clifton Park Mix White

Found Pets
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Pet Type Gender Date Found Location Breed Color
No found pets reported.

Tips To Find Your Lost Pet

VET OFFICES: Check with the vets in your area in case someone brought your pet in for treatment.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY: Check with Animal Emergency Care Centers (Animal Emergency Clinic of Capital District - 785-1094) and (Northway Animal Emergency Clinic - 761 2602)

ANIMAL SHELTERS: You can call them to let them know that you have lost your pet. Give them as much information as possible regarding your pet – physical description, male/female, fixed/unfixed, collar/no collar. Saratoga County Animal Shelter – 885-4113, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society – 434-8128, Animal Protection Foundation – 374-3944. Owners are strongly encouraged to stay in close, frequent touch with all area shelters and any other lost and found resources they are using. Checking every 2—3 days is acceptable.

ANIMAL CONTROL: Clifton Park 371-6756, Halfmoon 348-0196, Malta 422-7914

CHECK: Local newspaper ads and Craigslist (multiple times) against lost and found reports.

FLIERS: Fliers with good photos, in addition to the description and multiple contacts, are the very best tool for matching lost and found pets. Place flyers around your neighborhood and with local veterinarians, emergency clinics and pet groomers/sitters. Use brightly colored paper to stand out.

ASK: Your neighbors and your mail carrier if they have seen your pet.

IF: You have recently moved, check your old neighborhood.

WHEN: You find your pet, notify everyone they can stop looking. Take down your flyers.

COLLAR/TAGS: Collars/tags are a wonderful way to help ensure that your pet is returned to you if they do go astray. However, collars/tags can be lost so don’t assume that your pet still has them on. Keep current phone number on a name tag. Make sure that Rabies and License tags trace correctly to your current address and phone number. Call your vet to make sure this information is correct in their records. Microchips are also excellent tools…..but again, if a scanner is broken or unavailable, you can’t rely solely on the chip to ensure that the pet is identified. Make sure the CHIP company has your current information.